About Us

The Michigan Major Project was established in May of 1957 by the Michigan Elks Association to serve special needs children throughout our state.

We help children to achieve their goals through individual therapies, purchase of equipment and technology, as well as working with more than 20 special needs camps in the state to offer Elks scholarships to be able to attend camp!

Donations “make it happen” each year for more than 500 children!

Our philosophy

The Michigan Elks Association Major Project Commission exists to serve the special needs children of Michigan.

We work in partnership with Michigan Elks and the community to raise funds, provide funding for therapy, camps and equipment and spread awareness of the ongoing challenges that children with special needs and their families face every day.

Each child’s need is unique, and the Major Project looks for ways to help meet their needs.

Donate now

Each application for assistance for a child is important to the Michigan Major Project. We work hard to find a way to make the request happen. We cannot make it possible without the generous donations from Elks as well as the communities we are located in! Please consider a donation today!