The Michigan Major Project funds scholarships of varying dollar amounts to more than 20 different special needs camps each year!

Some of the Camps we have provided assistance to are: Bay Cliff Health Camp, Camp Midicha (diabetes), Camp Fowler, Central Michigan University Summer Speech Camp, Coleman Remedial Speech Camp, Camp Tall Tree (autism), Clarkston Scamp, and many more!

Camp Application packets are mailed to those camps requesting funding from the Major Project for their summer camp programs.  In January, those camps return their requested applications with number of campers and dollar amount per camper.  The Major Project uses this information in preparation of their annual budget, and determines, based upon donations, what the CAMP BUDGET will be.  Each camp that is awarded, will receive a letter from the Major Project, outlining our funding and number of camperships.

Parent Applicant Information

Parents of special needs children must apply to the camps directly and request an Elks scholarship (these are partial scholarships, and parents will need to work with the camp to obtain all funding).  Parents will need to complete the Major Project “Camp Application” form, which the Camp will provide to you.  At the end of camp, the Camp invoices the Major Project and includes all of the individual Camper Application forms.  Major Project pays all approved funds directly to the Camp.

Donate now

Each application for assistance for a child is important to the Michigan Major Project. We work hard to find a way to make the request happen. We cannot make it possible without the generous donations from Elks as well as the communities we are located in! Please consider a donation today!