For a specific child’s needs, parents or legal guardians of children that are residents of the State of Michigan and up to their 18th birthday, need to contact their local Elks Lodge to request a REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE application form.  The Lodge Chairman will make every effort to meet with the family to complete the form.  The items needed to complete the form are the HIPAA Release Form, Federal and State Income Tax forms (with SS#’s redacted), and a doctor or therapist recommendation for the item being requested.  If the family has a story to tell us about the child, please include it with the request!  At that point, the Lodge Chairman will review to make certain that all items have been included, and they will forward the packet to the Major Project District Commissioner for their review and recommendations.  If the case is approved, the Executive Director will then process the CASE, assign a number to the file and purchase any equipment OR make arrangements for ongoing payment for therapy sessions.  The Major Project never pays funds to a family, but rather to a doctor, therapist, hospital or to a vendor for the purchase.  Families will be notified via mail of any approved case with a copy of the Authorization form.

If the Answer Isn’t Yes

In all situations, we will offer alternative suggestions to the family.

In the event we are unable to approve the request, the Major Project Commission will reply to the family in writing with an explanation.  Sometimes, we are unable to process a request because the therapy is not within our guidelines.  In all situations, we will offer alternative suggestions to the family.  Every effort is always made to say yes, but there are times when our budget does not allow for the approval, or as mentioned, the therapy is not within our guidelines of Evidence Based Practice therapies.

Donate now

Each application for assistance for a child is important to the Michigan Major Project. We work hard to find a way to make the request happen. We cannot make it possible without the generous donations from Elks as well as the communities we are located in! Please consider a donation today!